Ebike4delivery is on the biggest suppliers of Delivery Ebike in Europe.  

We take care of full operational service (at your doorstep within 24 / 48 hrs) and refurbish the Delivery Ebike after the lease contract ends.

We currently supply Delivery Ebike to Domino Pizza franchisees in:

  • The Netherlands

  • Belgium

  • France

  • UK

  • Sweden

  • Croatia

  • Poland

The first Domino Delivery Ebikes we delivered in 2014.

What makes Ebike4delivery special is that  we develop, design, manufacture, assemble all of our Delivery Ebikes ourselves. Therefore we know like nobody else how to keep your Delivery Ebike in a top shape!

Due to our constant improvement of parts, we guarantee that your Delivery Ebike  is in the best possible shape for delivery.

Service and repair at your doorstep in 24 Hours
Service and repair at your doorstep in 24 Hours
Service and repair at your doorstep in 24 Hours

Since 2014 we started to design, produce, assembel our own Delivery Ebikes. No off the shelve products, but products that are specially designed for delivery market.

Timeline of our Delivery Ebike

Gen1: The Pioneer of Innovation

The Gen1 Delivery Ebike marked the beginning of our journey towards sustainable and efficient transportation.

Gen2: Advancing Beyond Boundaries

Building upon the success of our Gen1 Delivery Ebike, Gen2 features pushed the boundaries of what electric mobility could achieve. 

Gen2+:  Elevating the Standard

The Gen2+ upgraded product took the excellence of Gen2 to the next level.

Gen3: Pioneering the Future of Mobility

Our latest Gen3 product is the culmination of years of research, development, and customer feedback.