Our Batteries

How far can I cycle with a full battery? what is the scope?

The following average applies to consumer Ebikes:

  • Per 100 watt hours you can cycle an average of 12-25 km with pedal assistance

  • This would mean that you can cycle between 108 and 225 km with the Gen3 (900 wh).

But, the points below greatly influence the scope:

  • Our Gen3 always provides maximum support

  • Also the weight of the bicycle, rider and load

  • Frequent stops and short journeys

  • Battery temperature; a cold battery can lose up to 30% of capacity

What does the battery really get? What we get in return from our customers is 3 -5 hour delivery. Solution: a 2nd battery.

This can be leased from €0.65 per day. Of course, you can always charge the battery in between