With our over 25 years of experience we know that the hardest part is to keep the delivery ebike up and running.

Ebike4delivery always does service on site. So we will repair Delivery Ebike at your location. If we can't repair the Delivery Ebike we will leave a temporarily  Delivery Ebike so you are never without a working Delivery Ebike.

  • Service + maintenance on site upon request (no guarantee within 48 hrs) 

  • Service + maintenance for Operation lease (within 48 hrs) 

  • Service + maintenance for operational lease incl OOW (within 48 hrs / no extra costs for parts)

    Service and Maintenance can be requested through User Portal.

    In the User Portal you can find info about: 

    • Service request 

    • Invoices

    • Creation of other users

Service and repair at your doorstep in 24 Hours
Service and repair at your doorstep in 24 Hours

Performing regular service and maintenance on a Delivery Ebike is crucial for several important reasons: 

  • Safety: Safety should be the top priority
  • Reliability: You need your Delivery Ebike to make deliveries to your customers. Delivery is the last chain in the process 
  • Professional reputation: Your Delivery Ebike is the first contact with (potential) customers after ordering food. Delivery Ebike needs to be clean and well maintained

We offer 3 kind of services:

Offered Services

Service + Maintanance Upon request
Operational Lease Full Operational Lease
48 hrs No Yes
Wear and tear parts + Labor No Yes, included Yes,  included
All other parts + Labor No No, all other parts + labor used besides the wear and tear parts will be charged
Yes, included
Insurance (theft, damage to the bike) Optional Optional Yes, included
Damage to third party + Rider Optional Optional Optional